Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where to Buy Turkish Coffee in US

Being a big Turkish Coffee fan, I was having my daily Turkish Coffee last week with a couple of friends. One of my friends was introduced to Turkish Coffee first time in her life that day. It was a fantastic experience to witness somebody trying Turkish Coffee first time in their life, and loving it.

After a brief history I've told about Turkish Coffee, she was really interested in buying some Turkish Coffee, and required equipment to make this delicious coffee at home. Since I have explained her step by step what she needed, and where she can get these, I wanted to write a blog post about it and share with our readers. It might help you save some time if you are a new Turkish Coffee Fan.

By the way, if you don't know how to make Turkish Coffee at home, I've found this Turkish Coffee Recipe on another website which tells how to make Turkish Coffee the authentic Turkish Style.

If you live in the United States like myself, you might ask yourself the same question: "Where to Buy Turkish Coffee in US"?

You have so many choices; Local ethnic groceries, online ethnic stores, etc. But to be honest, Amazon, which is a trusted source for all of us, has everything you need to make authentic Turkish Coffee.

List of Things You Need to Make Authentic Turkish Coffee at your home:
Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee - Click for more info
  1. Ground Turkish Coffee:

  2. I'd highly recommend Mehmet Efendi Brand. This is the #1 selling brand in Turkey for so many years.

    Mehmet Efendi Coffee is the oldest Turkish Coffee brand, and it's still a family run business. Their coffee is absolutely delicious. It comes in a vacuum tin box.

    Amazon carries it, and it has either 17.6 oz or 8.8 oz size options.

    The best part is the price, you can buy this coffee at amazon for less than $9.00, which is an absolute bargain.

  3. Turkish Coffee Pot:

  4. Copper Turkish Coffee Pot - Click for more infoYou can either get an authentic copper Turkish Cofee Pot which is less than $20.00 at Amazon, or you can get an 18/10 Stainless Steel Cuisinox Turkish Coffee Pot for $21.95.

    If you visit a regular household in Turkey, you will see that stainless steel coffee pots are used more often. But many hardcore coffee lovers prefer the authentic copper coffee pots.

    In the old days, Turkish Coffee was made with the authentic copper coffee pot on coal flame.

    Cuisinox Stainless Steel Turkish Coffee Pot - Click for more infoEither will do the work, but copper one will have a less life time. (p.s. copper turkish coffee pots are safe to cook since they have tinned copper inside)

    Personally, I prefer the copper coffee pots. But as I said, either will make great Turkish Coffee.

  5. Turkish Coffee Cup & Saucer:

  6. Turkish Coffee Cup - Click for more info
    You can drink Turkish Coffee in any Espresso style small cups. But if you want to enjoy the authentic coffee, you will need an authentic Turkish Coffee Cup.

    You can buy a single set of cup and saucer for $9.99 or a 12 piece set for $45.99.

That's all. Turkish Coffee, Coffee Pot and Coffee Cups are all you need to make authentic Turkish Coffee at your home.

You can check some of the Turkish Coffee Sets which include everything you need.

Enjoy your delicious Turkish Coffee.

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