Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ephesus Turkey Tourism Guide History & Photos

The second pilgrimage center for Christians to the Virgin Mary and St. John.
There is also a basilica, where St. John was buried and near the Bülbül Mountain, where the House of the Virgin Mary is located.

The Higgins House, now small Byzantine church is a place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims alike. Mary lived there during their stay in Ephesus. ''Benoit Pope John came to Ephesus and brought Maria with this happy mother rose from here to heaven.''

The holy site is located on the Aladag (Solmissos) and is updated daily by thousands of people attended. In the surrounding buildings, Catholic priests reside.

Even the pope has this place as holy ground recognized.

Christians are surprised that even at this pilgrimage Muslims pray. This is easily explained:

In the Islamic world, one speaks of Mary with fear of God, love and devotion. The prayer niche in the mosque (Mihrab) is reminiscent of their cell (in the Koran as "Mihrab" which is). The nineteenth Sura of the Koran carries the name "Meryem." Many Koranic verses speak of her and of her son Jesus, both "before the wickedness of the stoning of Satan" are preserved. Jesus is a "messenger", his mother a "true", but both are just "people who eat and drink." The Koran speaks from the fact that Mary saved her chastity and that they are from Allah a "word" received. The fact that fatherless by Maria Jesus was born, Allah is a sign of his omnipotence. Mary was a mother from trans strain, chosen, pure and sublime of all women, devout, obedient, virtuous and a special diet.

Mother Mary Fountain:

Mother Mary extended its last years of life (30-35 AD). By the healing waters of the fountain trank. This is considered by many miracles of this water and the ashes of the outbreak of the Virgin Mary reported. This water fountain that brought many terminally ill Healing.

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