Monday, October 20, 2008

Turkish Popular Music

Popular Music / local

The characteristic of Turkish folk music is that it is anonymous. Anonymity is a factor that ensures the continuity of musical tradition in that it allows the transmission of folk art from one generation to another. The official policy of music, enforcement from the advent of the Republic, popular melodies attributed to a source ideal for the "new Turkish Music" to create. Under this policy, collection trips have been organized throughout the country and the work of musical notation and archive have been intensified.

Ankara Conservatory founded in 1936, is devoted entirely to the work of popular music and at work regularly until 1952, 10,000 songs were recorded and indexed. The radio of State, which began in 1937, was another factor revitalizing popular music. The instruments "kaval", "tar", "kemen├že"(rebec) , "CIFT", "mey", "zurna", "Davulis", "Tulum", whose instruments of the family of "baglama" at the front, are the main instruments that accompany the music.

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