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Turkish Harem Culture

The word harem comes from the Arabic Haram back, which means''prohibited''and then the new importance of' protected has booked. The incomparable and varied life in the harem, over the many Speculation is fantastic, despite various sources is not accurate to describe, because nobody behind the scenes was: It was a world for themselves.
The harem was the woman wing of the ruling Padischah. In the Ottoman social life was the harem for outsiders naturally inaccessible and for all men except the Padischah forbidden territory. Only certain areas were allowed by some women, in which the Sultan mother was the undisputed leader. When Turkish people, it has always been the custom, the big mother Respect in them. As a mother of Padischah she was therefore the highest-ranking of harems. She could the whole harem district dominate because they are all former favorite here intrigues kannte.Ihr room was most valuable furnished. It was the highest of palace servants and elders service operated. In the harem, seven masters with their deputy interior employs. The service was the highest treasurer, all slaves were placed under the authority. It was for the safety of the Treasury responsible. Besides her work clothes champion here, the coffee champion who Swimming pool attendant etc.

The masters were from Padischah themselves. They were second or third, the Padischah operate and were surrounded. They ordered the others and made the guards around the little finger. All were pretty, well trained, educated, simply and beautifully dressed.

It could either slaves or the daughters of the families make in the harem favorite to ascend. The
Slaves were bought for the sultan, his gift or women, always not muslim origin, since it is the Muslims are banned, religious brothers to enslave. If it tastes corresponded to the sultan, they got their own room and waited for a night with the Sultan. The system with the daughters of the families was carried out differently, and while they were aged 10-12 years in the harem, and after the decision of the sultan on their inclusion in certain areas of the Upper trained educator. They practically grew up in the harem had a girl on his training ended and did not want to stay longer in the harem, so it was perfectly allowed to marry. It was for them a suitable husband sought, and mostly under the high palace officials. She received a dowry and a house of Sultan, in this moment, the role of the father over. The Sultan was considered the successor of the prophet and was therefore sacred. If he is a girl for the night was selected as it lost in the eyes of subordinates, not his innocence. The Liaison with the Sultan was no obstacle to marriage.

All favorite women had the desire to give birth to the first son of the Sultan. Only the first son gave her the chance one day as the parent of the new sultan the whole harem under their control, as the first son after the death of his father, Sultan would take over ''the title''. Their beauty and intelligence were their only capital they use deliberately and prudently in order to stay alive, and in order to reach power. All women were among each other in bitter rivalry for this Chance for themselves and to shy also not returned before the murder.

It is noteworthy that the sultans rarely married, and there was therefore no royal weddings, as in Christian countries. Almost all the sultans were therefore of slaves from abroad, but the royal blood could have.

The third person was the chief black woman, his living quarters in comparison to the other beautiful woman and were bigger. The simple black and the other one slept in small rooms layers one after another. The functions of the Supreme eunuch is passed, the black eunuch to control the money matters to regulate the harems and the women the Sultan allocated They were responsible for the women and girls to swim to depilate to attract and makeup. (In the Orient had any rich man in his harem eunuch as guardians). Most of the slave traders worried for the harem eunuch. They bought the boys from poor parents in Africa, Asia and Europe. Afterwards, they were 'surgery', some were even sex organs completely removed, but because of the risk of infection a high mortality risk involved. Some of the eunuch, from the palace service were dismissed, have even married in order not to have to live alone.

In large harem complex, which e.g. Topkapi Palace in 400 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 2 mosques, a hospital and a prison included not only lived the sultan and the harem women, the sultan's mother, the eunuch, and the servants. Here lived the prince, Sultan, the unmarried daughters and in recent centuries, even the Sultan brothers. After the law was the Ottoman sultan, when it comes to the throne acted, his sons and brothers to murder, purpose was to avoid a civil war after the death of the sultan.

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