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Turkish Folkloric Dolls - Hand Craft Art

The manufacture of Turkish Folkloric dolls is in close cooperation with, the economic, social, cultural and ritual importance.

Dolls, which a variety of functions, but as most toys are known and used, there were at all times. Excavations have among other things, Egyptian, Roman grechischen and Kindergraebern dolls made of wood, bone and ivory were discovered. Even in Anatolia, there are findings of the opinion that puppets have been used as a toy, dispatched.

Dolls had ritual significance in shamanism. The word 'Dodu, gade', which in some places in Anatolia today is used, this comes from ancient times of Schamentums. This faith, lived under the very soul of a deceased premature girls in the form of a doll continues. It was the face of the girl in a doll displayed. These dolls were depending on the assets of the family dressed and adorned with fur. This' KIZ Tangara 'fortified in the tents to be to protect against disaster. Today doll called 'Bebek', but in Anatolian villages, they are also 'Gelin', 'güççe', 'korçak' or 'kurçak' monument. In Turkish folk culture is very different applications of dolls. In some places, such as in Eskisehir, it is women who wish a baby, a doll made of fabric manufactured at the navel bound. In the vicinity of Tokat vo women who wish a child, a substance produced dolls and in a small cradle to the grave on the rocks Mürsel Dede. Until recently, in the outskirts of Ankara, in the village of Çankaya-Üregil of pregnant women who wished beautiful children, dolls worn on the lap.

Even with prayers for rain are cloth dolls of two children on a long rod before the Regenbetern hergetragen. This song is often sung following:

Teknede hamur (dough in the trough)

Tarlada Çamur (on the arable slush)

Ver Allahim ver (Allah give Gib)

Bir Yagmur Sulu (aqueous rain)

The people are a little spray water on the doll, what the request for rain will increase.

Even at weddings played a role dolls. It was formerly a doll with flowers and colored ribbons on the bride and wagons attached. The doll symbolized fertility, the presumption of innocence and desire that the bride and groom in the shortest time possible, a healthy child might have. Even today this custom is still widespread.

Dolls are in Turkey and around the world toys for little girls. In many villages, the 'Gelin' dolls of little girls have produced. They lead the girls in their future role as a mother. In the Konya region, there is a tradition, with a Zermonie puberty in the puppet show ended. This means Zermonie 'güççe dügünü', so beloved of wedding dolls. And, really like a wedding, the women from around the neighborhood invited: ^ Today, our güççe - daughter wedding. On this day the doll is decorated like a bride and to a high place in the room. It will be sung and danced, like a wedding celebration, and thereafter is no longer the girl child, but gillt as a young girl. Certainly a tradition that the transition from child to woman unforgettable and facilitate want.

In Turkey, handmade dolls have a long and rich tradition. Sun was the first Dolls of the World Expo 1936 with the participation of Kizilay, Kizilhac (Red Cross), and the Kizilarslan Günes club in the gardens of the city administration Taksim instead. 20 countries were represented at the event. The production of handmade dolls from cotton, a natural glue and wire, is as follows:

1st The head part is covered with fabric and the facial contours with a needle-shaped.

2nd Quite fine cotton layers are coated with a natural adhesive and with the care of a sculptor appropriate part of the face. After drying the cotton, the face painted.

3rd For hands and feet of the dolls are preformed pieces of fine wire, with glue on the cotton is drawn. The recent corrections on the fingers are affixed with cotton wool, so that the fingers are also flexible. After the dry parts will also be painted.

4th For the legs of the dolls will be slightly more wire for the arms slightly thinner wire is used. These are sent to the already completed hands and feet and added with a 'pelür' said, fine paper wrapped.

5th Thus, head, legs and arms manufactures. Now, the parts together. These are the natural proportions of the people (body ratio: head = 7:1) attends. The upper body is supported with paper, after drying and then painted the clothing produced.

The dolls from Derinkuyu and Sogane be bought very preferred, because the doll craft there in the family has been for centuries nurtured and beherscht is masterful. These dolls have a typical facial expression and reflect the country Turkish woman in their natural appearance again.

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