Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Music of the Ottoman Empire

This kind of music said today mostly "The Turkish Classical Music" or "The Music of Turkish Art" has enriched and developed into shapes and aesthetics in conjunction with the foundation, extension and to strengthen the Ottoman State to acquire an identity of art music.

This music has created works in many fields like religion, love, military, war, each formed its own genres, forms and ensembles. Ottoman music was influenced musical cultures of countries annexed to the Empire and exchanged items. But early 19th century when the Empire was engaged in the process of decline, there is a relaxation and softness in the music of art. While she once used patterns and rich forms, it has gradually moved away from this concept and eventually become a music entertainment. In this evolution that has lasted until today, the kind of "song" has replaced somehow all genres and was popularized in this aspect.

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