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Caretta Caretta Dalyan, Turkey Travel Guide

Dalyan is a town in the province of Muğla located between the famous districts of Marmaris and Fethiye on the southwest coast of Turkey. The city is an independent community within the district Ortaca.

Dalyan achieved international fame in 1986 when developers wanted a luxury hotel near İztuzu Beach, a breeding ground for the endangered sea turtle species head logger. The incident created major international storm when David Bellamy Liebeserklärung the cause of conservationists. The development project was stopped and the beach is now a protected area.

Living in Dalyan revolves around the Dalyan River flows past the town. The boats ply up and down the river, navigating the maze of reed, are the preferred means of transport for all locals.

Dalyan means "fishing weir" in Turkish. Bass, mullet and sea bream swim upstream from the ocean to Köyceğiz Lake, where another large city in the region, Köyceğiz located. The fish spawn there, and when they return to the sea, they are caught in the "Dalyan".

Over the river to the steep cliffs are the weathered facades of the Lycian tombs of stone cut, about 400 AC. The ruins of the ancient city Kaunos trade are just a short boat ride across the river.

The south of Dalyan in the Mediterranean coast, lies İztuzu Beach, near the village of the same name is a popular area for sunbathing and swimming. There are regular boat and minibus (dolmuş) services on the beach. Visitors should be aware of the wooden piles into the beach to mark nesting sites. The road route is particularly Scenic, offers views of Sülüngür lake. Iztuzu, Dalyan's Turtle Beach, was voted the best beach in the world in 1995.

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is the co-owner and occasional spot when Gerdes Ice Cream Bar, which lies on the main east-west road from the city center.

Caretta Caretta Heaven - Dalyan

The beach is known for the Caretta caretta (Logger Head sea turtle), since there are already 95 million years ago. International animal welfare organizations to monitor and protect the turtles' nesting grounds in Turkey. The beach is closed during the time that the turtles lay their boys. On the other side of the beach, less known and less protected turtles, which are illegally fed and coaxed into the river, which has a small salt (Dalyan), and therefore these turtles have to adapt. Fortunately, only a few turtle deaths have ever occurred.

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