Saturday, October 18, 2008

Turkish classical music

Turkish classical music began its development in the 15th century inside the Ottoman Court and continued until the 19th century. Yet the 17th century notes that ascend the oldest of this music. In this music the Turks own a multitude of patterns composed of a series of committees were created. The instruments that accompany the music are mainly Turkish "Ney (flute)," Tef "(tambourine)," Nevbe "," Kanun "," Santur "," Kudüm "(timpani)," Zil "(cymbals) , ETC.

In 1943, under the direction of Hüseyin Saadettin Arel, convinced that polyphony could be integrated into the traditional Turkish music and the instruments of Turkish music could have their place in music, will be put in place the section of Classical Turkish Music in the Municipal Conservatory of Istanbul.

With the establishment of "classical Choir" by Mesut Cemil Tel, which has held important posts in Radio Istanbul and Ankara and actions of the Music Society of Üsküdar and the Society of Oriental music, the Turkish classical music is a renewal. Mesut Cemil Tel, which will be the first to lead a chorus of masterly Music Turkish, has made a new musical modern and rigorous enforcement of the music then prey to degeneration. The composer Saadettin Kaynak, serif Içli, Selahattin Pinar and Avni Anil, interpreters like Safiye Ayla, Hamiyet

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