Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turkish Pop, Rock and Jazz Music

The "rock and roll" in vogue in the world, the spirit "beat", which has spread from 1960 with the Beatles had directly affected the younger generations and this was followed by young Turkey music groups. This trend, which first seeps through words Turkish compositions quickly cede the West not to original compositions that summarize the elements of Western music lightweight and those of Turkish folk music and stress on creativity, musicality and artistic interpretation.

Parallel to these developments, a large market of music has created in recent years, accompanied by an explosion in sales of cassettes and CDs. Including sales of music cassettes of Turkish pop and rock, popular with the youth of the country, skyrocketing. More than a hundred million music cassettes of local and imported goods are sold every year in Turkey. In the field of music "pop" singers such as Tarkan, Baris, Manço, Sezen Aksu, Nilüfer, Sertab Erener, MFÖ, Şebnem Ferah and Teoman in jazz Kerem Görsev, Ilhan Ersahin, Nükhet Ruacan, Gürol Agirbas , Okay Temiz, among others are a great success.

Sertap Erener who represented the country on 24 May 2003, in the 48th Eurovision song contest in Riga, capital of Latvia, with his song in English under the title of "Every Way That I Can" won first prize in Turkey the first time and scored a great success internationally.

Turkish music has developed in several areas separate from one another since the Seljuk era to the present day: classical music elitist, developed in urban areas, popular music developed by the people through Anatolia centuries as a means of direct expression and religious music and the music known as "Mehta". Western polyphony will be widely adopted in Turkey, after the advent of the Republic. Pop music, jazz and rock, particularly in vogue in recent years are also popular genres.

Turkish classical music uses the tanbour (lute long handle), the ney (reed flute), the qanun (zither) and the oud (lute). The instruments include the folk-baghlama saz (lute folk), the zurna (reeds), the kaval (oblique flute) and Davulis (drum). The urban folk music is a hybrid, using instruments and styles of folk traditions, classical and western.

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