Sunday, October 22, 2006

Turkish Famous Photographer, Ara Guler

He was born in Istanbul in 1928.In the year of 1951 he was graduated from Gentronagan High School.When he was in High School he worked in film studios in all aspects of cinema business.In the same years he went on Muhsin Ertuğrul’s theatre courses.He was aiming to be a stage director or a play wright.

He began to his journalistic life in Yeni İstanbul newspaper in 1950.In these years his stories was published in Armenian journals and literary reviews.At the same time, he was studying in Economics in İstanbul University.He worked in Hayat Magazine as a photografy department chief until the year of 1961.Photografy Annual that was published in England defined him as one of the seven best photographers in the world in 1961.In the same year he was accepted ASMP(American Magazine Photographers Association) and he became the only member of that association in Istanbul.

His photographs were used in the most important publications in photography world,also he was talked about by that areas.He opened exhibitions in USA,Germany,Paris.By the way he made interviews and took photagraphs a great many of famous people like Bertrand Russel, Winston Churchill, Arnold Toynbee, Picasso, Salvador Dali.He obtained the firstplace in the competition of photojournalism that was aranged by Türkiye Journalists Association.

In 1980 some of his phographs published as a book by Karacan Yayıncılık.He photographed Mimar Sinan book thas was written by Prof. Abdullah Kuran and published by Hürriyet Vakfı(Hürriyet Cognizant) in 1986.This book was published in english in 1987 by the Institute of Turkish Studies.In 1989 Hil publishing house published the book Ara Güler’s Cinema Actors/Actresses.The photographs of Mimar Sinan Works that he was dealing with for long years was published by Edition Arthaud in France in 1992,by Thomas and Hudson in USA and England,by Archipelago Press in Singapore under the name of Turkish Style and also in France by Albin Michel publishing house by the name of Demeures Ottomanes de Turquie.The World Companies Group published “Eski İstanbul Anıları” in 1994,”Yitirilmiş Renkler” in 1995.Also Ana publishing house published “Bir Devir Böyle Geçti” and ” Kalanlara Selam Olsun” in 1994,” Yüzlerinde Yeryüz” in 1995.

A many great of Ara Güler’s photographs are on exhibition in varios museums in USA,France and Germany.