Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fatih Terim Famous Turkish Football Coach

He was born in 1953. Having been a child of a poor family, he had to work with his father in a variety of tough jobs since his childhood.

Fatih Terim, who spent his free time playing football with his friends, attended the Technical Engine Insitute by his father's wish.Terim, who never liked school life as football, had to give up his education because of the lack of continuity to his school.

When he was just 16 years old (1969), he did a choice about his future and began his football life in Adana Demirspor. In a short time, having a different football technique and style, he could manage to attract the attentions and became the captain of the team.

In the third year of 6 year career in Adana Demirspor(1972), against the rules and authoroties, he was invited to play for the Turkish National Young Team.

He carried the national uniform for 51 times, he had the record to take place in the national team from 1984 to 1995. Having shown big success in the national team, he was transferred to Galatasaray and played there for 11 years, he showed a great ambition and success by feeling the soul of yellow-red color which forms the colors of the uniform of Galatasaray.

After his 11 years play in Galatasaray, he made his jubilee with avery big celebration by landing a helicopter on the sports field.

He went to the courses to be a sports trainer after quiting football. He worked as a sports trainer in Ankaragucu for one year and in Goztepe for 2 years.

In October 1993, he took place in the national team as a sports trainer for the first time. After that, he started having big accomplishments one by one.

He was the person who carried National Team to the European Football Championship which was held in England.

Then, emperor (that is how people call him), worked in Galatasaray, made this team champion for four years. He is a football coach who tries to take care of every problem from economical to physiological problems of his football players. That desire made him win the UEFAcup for the first time in turkish football history.

Fatih Terim, who made Galatasaray win the UEFA cup in 1999-2000 season, continued his career being a football coach of Fiorentina which is a team from Italy Primary Football League . He took the attractions of the public opinion by his successes in this team.

In the season 2001-2002 he made a deal with Milan which is one of the most famous football team in the world. Unfortunately he had to leave his mission in the middle of the first season.

Fatih Terim, who is called 'emperor' by his fans took the mission of being the coach of Galatasaray again in season 2003-2004. In the 27th week of this season, he quited from his job. In 2005, he started working in the national team again. At the moment, Turkish National Team is trying to eliminate the rivals to take place in the European Cup.

Fatih Terim, who is known with his assertive sports training style and charismatic personality, is the living legend of turkish football history.