Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sumela Monastery (Soumela, Soumelas), Panagia tou Melas

Sumela Monastery occurs in Alt─▒ndere village which is one of the townships of Trabzon. It was set on a rock cliff of the skirts of mountain Karada─č. Nearly has 300 meters height from the valley.
For a known myth of it's establishment; Two priests,Barnabas and his niece,Sophronios saw a dream about Virgin Mary. In their dreams,she told that they should built a monastery,where they can built it and how they can go there.

The priets carried out the tableau painted by St.Luca,which represents the chieldhood of Jesus and St.Mary,by the sea.They had arranged with volunteers to built monastery and set up the first church on the rock at the term of I.Thedosis in the Byzantine Empire (375-395).

After the dead of priests, Sumela Monestery was established as a holly temple by all Christians who are mentioned as both Catholic and Orthodox.

III.Alexios - the prince of Kommen Empire - had weared his crown in this monastery then the prince had restructured it as a brand_new foundation (1360).72 rooms existing monastery was worth priceless by the kings of Trabzon and saved until today.

After the victory of Turks against early masters of this monastery,sultans of the Ottoman Empire didn't avoid the rights of the monastery.

The importance of Sumela Monastery which is also known as Virgin Mary Monastery is the interesting structure with a unique beauty place in nature and also the wall and ceiling decorations made in various ages.

The main subjects on frescos with a fairly ruined outlook and in patches to be pulled up is the scenes from Bible and the descriptions about Virgin Mary and Jesus.

On 1962, its stairs and gate was put in repair and getting available for tourists visits.Reaching the monastery is about nearly 25-30 minutes walk in forest.

Every August 14,there is a ceremony in Sumela Monastery.Everyone that comes to Trabzon should visit this monastery which can have an important place in the city tourism.