Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Istanbul’s Entertainment and Shopping Center,CEVAHIR

World’s second and the Europea’s the biggest Entertainment and Shopping Center, İstanbul Cevahir was to be opened on October 15,2005.
Employing more than 5 thousands of people İstanbul Cevahir has 356 hectares of construction area and nearly 170 hectares of it can be hirable. Inside this Center, there is a big parking garage with a capasity of 2500 vehicles.

In İstanbul Cevahir,there are 280 stores,34fast food area and 14 exclusive restaurant with many different alternatives.

Having an fascinating architectural structure, İstanbul Cevahir has 9 hectares area of cinema complex with 2500 human capasity. This part, IMEX and the theater includes 12 lounges.In addition to this complex,there is a huge,60 sequare meters screen on the building frontage to reflect the news and advertisements.

World’s biggest clock is exist upon İstanbul Cevahir’s huge glass roof which is nearly 2500 sequare meters.On the clocks, each of its numbers is 3 meters length.

Under the roof,in the midst of the Shopping Center there is a huge hydraulic scene which is supported with a landscape and a pool. This scene is getting up about 25 meters and it’s used for shows and advertisements.

In a short time period, İstanbul Cevahir becomes popular and is visited by millions of people. With a high market price, it proceeds Turkey’s and Europe’s favoured one.

Address: Büyükdere Cad. No: 22 Şişli İstanbul Turkey
(It’s opened 10 am-10 pm every day of the week.)


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