Friday, October 06, 2006

Turkish Candidate Forced to Recognize Alleged Armenian Genocide

Nebahat AlbayrakNebahat Albayrak, in second position on the list of the main opposition Labour Party (PvdA) candidates, has recognized the so-called Armenian genocide.

After the main Dutch parties removed three Turkish candidates from their electoral lists, Albayrak said she backed the parliamentary motion describing the deaths as genocide, in an interview with the analysis magazine HP/De Tijd, adding that the form of its occurrence needs to be investigated.

Albayrak, who has served in the parliament since 1998, in her previous statements said the jurists would determine the use of “genocide” in response to the Armenian Diaspora’s claims, and avoided using the definition in her interviews.

The media strongly criticized Albayrak for being indecisive.

Meanwhile, Turkish candidates Ayhan Tonca , Osman Elmaci (CDA) and Erdinc Sacan (PvdA) were removed from the election list for the general elections.