Friday, March 18, 2005

Turkish American Portal

Turkish population in the United States has been increasing steadily. Turkey has been one of favorite friends of US in Europe/Middle East, and this friendship has benefited both Turkey and US during the tough times.

There is a significant Turkish American population in US and majority of Turkish people living in the US have undergraduate and graduate degrees from well known universities.

Turkish American Portal which is a Turkish American Portal has been helping Turkish American population with various issues. Turkish people who are planning to come to the US usually visit to receive information about American Schools, Visa types, living in US, schools and language programs, and many more subjects. There is a very active Turkish American Discussion Forum at . Also there is a number of volunteers who has united to run the site, and has been free/non-profit since its launch because of these volunteer Turkish Americans.

Visitors and members of is usually Turkish people who plan to come to the States or Turkish Americans who have been living in the States.

Even though majority of Kirtok Forum is in Turkish, there is an English discussion part for English speaking visitors. If you have any questions about Turkey, Turkish American Society, or Turkish related topics feel free to post your questions.


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