Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Buying Property In Turkey

Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey is the bridge between Europe and Asia, surrounded with four seas, and a place where you can see the history meeting modern world.

Buying Property In Turkey

Turkey is the new up-and-coming leisure and second home destination of Europe with very attractive Property prices.

Buying a property in Turkey has become more profitable as Turkey has already been given a date for negotiations on EU membership, now is the time either to invest for your future or secure your retirement to live in an unspoilt environment at relatively low cost.

Every year many more EU and American citizens are settling down in Turkey for a better living. Living cost in Turkey is way lower than almost all of European countries, and natural beauty of the country is another reason for buying a property in Turkey.

Since Turkey has been given the date of October 2005 to start negotiations to become a EU member, you will be able to double and even triple your investment within a few years. Real estate prices are still very attractive in comparison with EU countries.

And with the last changes in the regulations on property ownership for foreign citizens, buying a property is a lot simpler now and living cost is incomparably cheap compared to the majority of European countries.

Buying Property in Turkey - Bosphorus, Yali

When buying a property in Turkey you will see the stunning historical architecture showing itself. Turkey had world's some of the most famous architects such as Mimar Sinan.

Buying Property in Turkey - Bosphorus, Istanbul

Advantages of Buying a Property in Turkey

  • Stunning historical architecture
  • Low living cost
  • Great weather (almost 300 sunny days)
  • Very reasonable property prices
  • Smart investment
  • Turkish Hospitality
  • Living in a community full of culture and history
Mansion - Bosphorus, Istanbul

Historical Building