Sunday, April 10, 2005

Turkish National Police Holiday

Turkish National Police Holiday

April 10th is Turkish National Police Holiday. It's 160th anniversary of Turkish Police Academy's start.

It is a one week celebration and many citizens participate in the activities.

Turkish Police Academy History

Police Academy was established on 06 November 1937 as one-year in-service High School under the name of Police Institute in order to train middle and upper ranking administrators in accordance with the 18th Article of the 3201 numbered Security Organization Law.

By the decision of the Training Board of the Ministry of National Education the training duration of the Police Institute was extended to two-year training in 1940, to three-year training in 1962 and to four-year training in 1980.

In accordance with the 132nd Article of the Constitution and the 2nd Article of Higher Education Law it was given a separate legal entity, and with the 06 December 1984 dated and 3087 numbered Police Higher Education Law, it was given the name of Police Academy that is giving four-year graduate degree training and education.

In order to meet personnel needs of the Police Organization in other fields, necessary amendments were made within the framework of 3201 numbered Police Organization Law in 1989 and beginning from 1991, students were started to be accepted under the name of the Faculties and High Schools Unit (FYO) Students and the Police Academy has been assigned for performing of the related services of the Unit.

The Police Academy was reconstructed with the understanding of the Police University by 25 April 2001 dated and 4652 numbered Law.

The Academy was granted the status of University including in its body with its Security Sciences Faculty, Security Sciences Institute, 20 Police Professional High Schools besides Faculty and High Schools Unit.

At the Security Sciences Institute of which establishment was completed in 2002 for giving post-graduate education in four main science branches (Crime Investigations, Security Strategies and Management, International Policing Studies, Traffic Security and Management) was approved by the Higher Education Board on 18.03.2002 and so, these main branches were established.


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