Sunday, April 10, 2005

How to Bargain in Turkey

How to Bargain in Turkey

Bargaining has been an important part of daily Turish Life. Even though new malls, shopping centers, and franchasie stores are being launched every day, there are still many places where you can bargain before deciding to purchase the item.

In Europe or USA, it is common to bargain when you are buying a house, car, or a valuable investment which you will be paying for most of your lifetime. But if you are in Turkey, situation is usually different. You can bargain while shopping at Grand Bazaar, or you can bargain with a taxi driver, or even at a restaurant sometimes.

Bazaars have been a part of Turkish Culture where sellers usually from near villages come to the Bazaar to sell fresh vegetables, fruits, and dairy products, and people (usually ladies) visit the bazaars to buy directly from the farmers (manufacturers).

Bargain when shopping at a bazaar

Bazaars are a great place to bargain while shopping. Also if you are a tourist visiting Turkey, no need to mention, you should bargain hard before buying a valuable item such as an antique rug, or an authentic dress, etc.

Some regular places where you cannot bargain such as: Franchising stores, malls, shopping centers, bus tickets, theaters, restaurants which have menus, public transportation, but remember you always have the right to see a price menu whatever the service you are getting.

So especially be careful and try to bargain with touristic shopping, travel related expenses (tourist guide, private bus rental, sometimes hotels, rental cars etc.)

Have fun at shopping, and good luck with bargaining in Turkey.