Thursday, August 25, 2005

Turkish Engineer Develops Structural Resistance System for Airplanes

Turkish engineer Aydin Akdeniz has developed a new system which detects failures in fuselage of Boeing planes only in five minutes.

Boeing firm is planning to make use of the ''Structural Resistance System'' in its new composite-fuselage B-787 planes, which will be introduced in 2008.

The system will enable technicians to detect any failure in fuselage of planes only in five minutes. Currently, those failures can be detected in an average of 72 hours.

Meanwhile, Akdeniz said in an exclusive interview with the A.A that the system aimed to detect failures stemming from rough landings and loading problems.

''The system will decrease maintenance period of a plane by at least 15 percent. Maintenance period after rough landings will decrease from 72 hours to 5 minutes. The system has been tested in three planes. Two of those planes belong to the Turkish Airlines (THY),'' he added.